Cooperrider opens the day


From David Cooperrider’s opening address

I see business as a force for peace, business as a force for eco-innovation.

A leader is anyone who chooses to make a difference.

As a city to be able to put our arms around this idea of becoming a green city on a blue lake – this is our time.

Recounting a meeting with business guru Peter Drucker about social responsibility for business.

Algae ponds in Cleveland? I didn’t know that we had those!

6,000 sustainability entrepreneurs in Cleveland, Cooperrider says.

Back to Drucker and a question about sustainability “Will this pay off for companies?” Drucker’s answer: Every single social and global issue today is a business opportunity.

Cooperrider: We’ve built that philosophy into Business as an Agent of World Benefit (BAWB).

“The task of leadership to create an alignment of strengths in ways that make the system’s weaknesses irrelevant.” –Drucker

That’s a theme we’ll weave in today.

Ban Qui Moon told Cooperrider we’re able to eradicate poverty if we choose.

Now he’s talking about Nano Solar, a start up from the Google creators. Spray on solar. Can put it on Reynolds (sp?) Wrap.

He calls us “The Privileged Generation”. There’s much truth to that, but Cooperrider means we can tap innovation and solve the world’s problems.

Appreciative Inquiry: No problem can be solved by the same consciousness that created it.

Imagine Cleveland…Is it possible that sustainability is the regional economic opportunity of the 21st century. I look at companies that missed it — “General Motors, who was managing them” – but we’re creating the next chapter. Stories have wings and they fly from mountain top to mountain top (Bolivian proverb).

No we’re moving into the set up to the AI session…



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