“What is a catalyst for change? Crisis and vision.”


Some Answers to the Three Questions…

Question 1:  Examples of Leadership

Farmer’s Market inside the Cleveland Clinic.

Cyclist Shelters.

Persistence, enthusiasm, activism, creativity – success – fulfilling a community need – wanting to create a healthier community.

Question 2: Strengths of Cleveland

“We have the dots, now it’s time to connect them.”

“Cleveland is a doable size.”

Networking as a key strength in Cleveland.  Medical community and care as a strength.  People and pride in ethnic diversity.  Local farmer markets in different communities around Cleveland.   World-class farmland.  Under-utilized urban land.

Question 3: Imagining Cleveland’s Future

2019 Headlines:

“USA’s #1 Most Sustainable City”

“Bridge Over Untroubled Waters”

“Business as Usual” – If we get this right, 12 years from now, all sustainability initiatives will be so embedded into our lifestyles so that it is no longer unusual.  We need to leverage the heritage of what Cleveland is know for and good at.

Regional collaboration.  Triple bottom line.  Re-purpose everything.  Deconstruct traditional ideas for the city.  Use crisis as a springboard.  Keep positivity and passion in storytelling.  Reversing suburban sprawl.  Clean land and the first freshwater wind farm.  Environmental literacy.

“One of the first rules of innovation is: break the rules.”


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