“Can I count on you to lead?” – Holly Harlan


3 Responses to ““Can I count on you to lead?” – Holly Harlan”

  1. Gabriella Gupta Says:

    “Don’t walk in front of me,
    I may not follow.

    Don’t walk behind me,
    I may not lead.

    Walk beside me
    And be my friend.”

    ~Albert Camus

    Perhaps that could be the mantra for understanding and working with your community there in Cleveland. Congrats on a successful night. May you grow to see what is most needed. Quadruple baseline: purpose, place, connectedness, health.

  2. George Pór Says:

    “Quadruple baseline: purpose, place, connectedness, health.”

    Sounds like a mantra for individual and collective well-being. Thank you, Gabriella!.

  3. Gabriella Gupta Says:

    I read a little bit about you, George, and I am sure the Cleveland Community is grateful for your presence. I found my way here through the 1’s and 0’s of the internet ether and my discovery of the daily bit of wisdom provided by Jack/Zen. My hope for the Cleveland is that the community resonates with the wisdom of Ricchiuto and Nemeth in their brief but monumental guide for creating connections, “Instructions from the Cook.” I read it online some months ago, and it’s a gorgeous collection of recipes for reaching into our local talents and resources..

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