New Story Panel – NYT Headlines from 2019


“Bill Doty’s 10,000th Green Building”

“Cleveland: Greenest, Proudest” – We want Clevelanders being proud of Cleveland.

Desire for Cleveland’s environmental innovation to be world-renowned.

“Poverty is Eradicated in Cleveland” – Holly Harlan – vision of local businesses supporting the triple bottom line to eradicate poverty in Cleveland. Environmental and social performance of businesses. The sustainability call is going to bring all of these together. “If we could come up with the technology and create the jobs to insulate and green the houses in lower income areas, I see it as a challenge worth working for,” Holly Harlan.

Sometimes we need to forget. Nostalgic view of past glory days of Cleveland, but in reality, they weren’t all that great. We need to let go of some of that nostalgia and realize that where we are now is not so bad. – David Beach

“It’s an exciting vision that I see and I hope everyone is there to see it with me.”- Andrew Watterson

“We are so close. This new future is so tantalizingly close. So just do it.” – David Beach

The power of what you can do without big money is quantified by the big numbers of people that E4S and other organizations and networks are reaching.

We need to target more diversity in this discussion. How do we cast a wider net and engage others in this discussion and effort? – Andrew Watterson

“What’s going to hold us together is some Powerful Purpose. I’d like us to articulate that purpose as a community. A community is a set of beliefs that bind us. Do we want to just stay abreast with other cities, or do we want to choose to lead? We need to collectively solidify that choice.” – David Cooperrider

“Let’s not just keep up, let’s lead.” – David Cooperrider


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