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Welcome to Cleveland’s New Story

November 18, 2008

On November 25th, 2008, we expect over 200 people to come together and create a new story about Cleveland.

A story based on world-class sustainability initiatives and innovations from within our region. A story that evolves with every new project, every new leader, and every new relationship. A story that’s led by the local champions whose names we will speak when our grandchildren ask how we created a green city on blue lake.

Going into it, we know we have much to be proud of – wind on the lake, an Eco-Village in the city, fresh food on every corner, pioneering green jobs training, and a network of champions just to name a few – but by the time we draw to a close, we expect many more stories, questions, and dreams of the future to have emerged.

This blog is a living harvest of those stories, questions, and dreams – an online space to capture the evolution of our community intelligence and wisdom which, if we nurture and use wisely, will guide us towards a truly sustainable future.

What’s your story?