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Imagining Cleveland’s Future

November 25, 2008

No more regular cars, all hybrid cars.  Public transportation with choices for mode of transport – complete the street with equal importance for biking, cars, and buses/rail.  Fuel efficiency.

Mandatory green building.  Changes in energy efficiency of buildings.  Create opportunities/flexibility for architects/designers/constructors to use innovation and new technology.  Eliminating strict systematic guidelines that squander creativity.  Renewable energy integrated into buildings.

Ordinance changes – have planning on the local level that facilitates those who want to make positive change.

Regional food systems – variety of foods, reduce carbon footprint, get rid of mass-produced.  Resort to old methods of food storage in the winter.  Micro-processing.

Using more renewable energy sources.  Biodiesel, wind, solar.  Make them more cost effective so that they pay off.  Think about how we generate our energy.  Wind turbines on the lake.  Creating mutual funds around alternative energy sources with policy change.

Climate action plan on local level.  Per capita emissions.

More environmental education like the program at Tri-C.

“Financial capital will follow innovation.” – Andrew Watterson

“In 2019, Sustainability isn’t going to be a buzzword, it’s going to be a way of life.” – Bob Lubecky